"Scientists dream about doing great things.
Engineers do them." (James Michener)

The group

Over 10 years ago, a group of professionals with thirty years of successful experience in the civil engineering sector in Italy decided to broaden their horizons and create a new international organization ready to meet the challenges of the future in a sector that has become extremely dynamic and competitive: this decision is the beginning of the story of the group ITR ENGINEERING which started through the establishment of ITALROM INGINERIE INTERNATIONALA SRL.

Today, indeed, ITALROM  is part of a more important engineering organization and is no longer a bet but It is a success story: with operating units in Italy (MITES INGEGNERIA ITALIANA S.R.L.), Romania (ITALROM INGINERIE INTERNATIONALA S.R.L.), Poland (IRP BIURO PROJEKTOW SP.ZO.O.) and France (INFRA CONSEIL S.A.R.L.), the group has reached and surpassed the ambitious objectives of its origins, and with an organization that can count on more than 40 highly qualified professional, it is now a consolidated presence in the market of design and consulting companies operating in the field of large infrastructural and civil works. The material and organizational effort made possible to gain the trust of important partners and the appreciation of demanding customers.

The Group is organized to provide professional engineering services in civil domain, from transportation infrastructures to civil and industrial buildings, from traffic studies to project managing. The society’s personnel, situated in different cities, is composed by engineers, architects, geologists, BIM/Cad designer, executives. The working staff, composed by Senior and Junior professionals, represents a balanced mix between experience and innovation and perfectly integrates the different European experiences. The technical resources represent a large number of workstations dislocated between Italy, Romania, Poland and France. The company disposes of modern Hardware and international Software. The working space is provided by advanced video communication systems and by the presence of central servers with Cloud/VPN technology. 

Innovation has been a core value throughout the history of the firm.  In these last years the  Group have developed skills in BIM and worked strongly to experiment the potential of technology and information digitalization.