New contracts signed by Mites in Italy for the construction of an industrial farm in Naples area and for the structural rehabilitation of the industrial farm “Ex Peroni” in Miano area.

The first contract refers about the structural design of a new industrial farm in the Municipality of Mugnano (NA), in the Ramora area, for industrial and handmade activities, exhibitions and commercialization of local products. The project foresees the realization of n. 3 prefabricated buildings, with a total surface area of approximately 10,000 square meters, arranged over a total surface area of approximately 35,000 square meters.

The second one project, on the other hand, refers the structural rehabilitation of three existing reinforced concrete buildings, inside the industrial farm "Ex Peroni" of the Miano district in the Municipality of Naples. Following the functional and architectural rehabilitation of the entire complex, the buildings need to be upgraded according to the recent NTC 2018.