Building and Detail design of high spped road S19 “RZESZÓW – BABICA”

Our team in Poland, IRP BIURO PROJEKTOW SP.ZO.O., will work with Promost Consulting Sp.zo.o. and with the Acciona Group for the building and detail design of the Highway S19, the first lot from Rzeszow to Babica.

The whole work includes the construction of a high-speed road for a section of about 10 km, highly technological due to the presence of numerous major art-works such as bridges, viaducts, tunnels and consolidation of landslide areas.

IRP, in detail, will be focused in the design of two tunnels, each one with a length of 2.2 Km and a diameter of about 15 m. The design and the realization of the underground works, in detail, will be really interesting from the technical point of view cause the excavation will be done in Carpathian Flysch materials.

The realization, considering the design, the obtaining approvals and the construction times, will last about four years and the work will be completely carried out by the JV Mostostal - Acciona.

Work value is about 400 Mln of Euro

The contract, in addition to the building and detail design, also provides for the obtaining of approvals and on-site technical assistance in favor of the Contractor.

Great result for IRP which, with this new contract, starts its 4th tunnel design project in Poland.