1999 - 2002


The guesthouse and the office building realized with the purpose of accommodating the exchange students, besides giving more space to the Administration of the University, traces an ulterior step onwards for the definitive completion of the General Project of the University of Molise, in Vazzieri, locality of Campobasso City. The building in question, reduced at a rectangular plant of 53x19 meters, is realized on three levels, with an utility room, situated in the attic above the vertical ways, and with a double pitched roof. The plan moves lengthwise a North-South longitudinal coordination, parallel to the existing communal street which delimits it at East; at North there is the library building, while at West, the hall of residence is delimited by an escarpment which mounts till Alessandro Manzoni Street. The entire structure is realized in reinforced concrete. The foundations are of indirect type. A big relevance in the geotechnical studies have the bulkheads that protect the escarpments which insist on the areas destined to accommodate the building.



The Sport Center represents an ulterior step to the completion of the General Project of the University of Molise's building in Vazzieri Locality (CB). The centre appears as a link between the library building, the management offices and the adjacent urban area, occupied by the car park which is to be realized. The building is essentially composed of two volumes: the first one, with a vault-roof of rectangular plant, is intended for the stadium and for the stands; the second one, also with a vault-roof of rectangular shape, linked to the first with a structural joint, commodates two gymnasiums, the changing room and the sanitary rooms for the athletes. In adherence with the library are, besides the lobby for the entrance of the athletes, the equipment deposit, the control area, the first aid with subjoined services and technical premises. The only treatment units are situated in the roofing, above the gymnasiums. The centre, therefore, has two different parts, linked by a structural joint and it's self-contained, precisely: - Building A - intended for the sport activities, the equipment and services for the athletes; - Building B - intended for the public, with the relative services. The project implies the utilization of reinforced concrete, steel and wood elements. All the foundations are of indirect type with pillars of diameter superior to 600 mm and with depth between 15 and 20m.



The building, in which there are the administrative offices for the library patrimony management, represents one of the final parts of the completion of the General Project of the University of Molise in Vazzieri Locality (CB). The present project, besides implying the realization of the building in question, regards also the construction of a thermal-units building and a pedestrian gangway. The plan of the building has a L shape, with maximal dimensions of 71 meters on the longitudinal axis and of 43 meters on the transversal axis. The building, three external structures plus a roofing structure, has two large volumes, from which the first is structured length wise the longitudinal coordinate of the building with a double-pitched roof, while the second one, also pitched roof, has a quadratic plan. The main structure is realized with steel and reinforced concrete elements. The foundations, of indirect type, are supported by pillars of 800/1000 mm diameter and have a depth of 20 meters. Regard to the thermal-units building, this is constituted by an only external structure, situated at North of the Office building, from which is separated by a structural joint of 5 cm; this has a trapezium plan with sides of 8,50 and 12,50 meters and its height is of 3,70 meters from the foundations. The main structure is realized in pre-stressed flat-slab on reinforced concrete walls lengthwise perimeter plant.




The realization of the Conference Hall represents a part of the General Project of the University of Molise Vazzieri Locality (CB). The building, object of the project, is located on the West-East direction in an area delimited at West by a communal street which separates it from the Library Building, at North from the retaining wall of Villa Spettrini, at East from the Science building and, at South, from the access area situated on the Alessandro Manzoni Boulevard. At the planning of the building in question is associated the realization of a pedestrian way, along a ramp which, is crossing the street, links the collective spaces and the roads of the Science Faculty with those of the Library building. The building, designed to accommodate the congress-hall, is built on four exterior levels plus an facilities room, closed between the top floor and roof. The congress-hall roof peak follows the longitudinal axis of the building and links with the eaves and the peak of the Science building roof, making then a roof with a single slope, supported by perimeter walls of Aulei. The plan of the building has an irregular form, inscribed in a trapezium, with the bases of 29 and 50 m. The height is of about 32 m. This building, realized almost entirely in reinforced concrete structures, is founded on pillars of a diameter superior to 600 mm and with a depth between 15 and 20 m. The congress area has triangle plant of which top, there is a reinforced concrete round structure, at which summit the beams of the roof are linked. The space for the services and vertical connections is on two areas of the congress-hall, having the filter role both with the existing building and with the external spaces, and it is delimited above by a flat roof. The build presents at North and at West, two facades situated underground for a height of 7,00 meters, which decrease lengthwise East at 3,50 meters, in the contact point with the existing structure of the Science Faculty.




The Faculty of Agraria, part of the General Project of the University of Molise, represents one of the first steps for the realization of the university complex in question. The area of interest for the construction regards a slope with principal orientation which unfolds in direction Nord-East, with a quote leap in transverse direction of about 10,00 meters; this area is delimited, on West side, from the access street which separates it from the structures of the Classical High-school; at North-East there is the communal street, while, at South of a green area intended, we find the Faculty's car-parking. The entire faculty is composed by three buildings surrounding a central nucleus in which are dislocated the vertical ways; the Lobby's Building and Laboratory of the entire complex, have been object of the first part, which is already done. The new building, with rectangular plant of 64x28 meters, has a double slope roof wich completely covers the building perimeter. The structure, made entirely in reinforced concrete, founds on pillars with a diameter between 600 and 1000 mm and with an approximate length of 15 m.