Collini Lavori S.p.A.





This road is the main street to overpass the town of Targu-Jiu and to reduce the current road system in the city and next to all the major movements in its vicinity. The newly built section has a total length of about 20 km and lies entirely in the region of Gorj.

The characteristic data of the designed expressway: - Road Class: “C” - Design Speed - Vp = 80-100 km/h - 2 roadways, with two lanes of 3.5m width + emergency lane of 1.5m in each direction - Distance between the roadway: 11m (scheduled for the next third lane. The design has been commissioned by the construction company Collini Lavori S.p.A. as a result of participation in the tender for the execution. The scope of design works conducted by Italrom Inginerie Internationala S.r.l. is to develop the Building Design and Executive Design of the most important viaducts included in this lot. In detail: - 1 metal viaduct at km 0 + 579, built for the crossing of the river Jiu. The Total length of the bridge is 230 m split over three spans of lengths 70 m +90 m + 70 m; - 1 metal viaduct at km 14 + 300, next to the road E79, built to cross the local railway line and the DN 66., The total length is 130m divided on 3 spans lengths of 40m + 50m + 40m; - 1 prestressed beam viaduct at Km 3 + 00 for the crossing of the river Susita;, Total length of is 130m, divided into five spans of lengths 20m + 3x30m + 20m. For all the viaducts, the design considers the indirect foundations, made with large diameter piles (1.08m and 1.50m). The abutments are all of the massive type, with full retaining wall, because local l constraints have not allowed the use of through-type abutments, while the access ramps connection, the analysis of the corridors of expropriation and pre-existences objects has suggested the use of both classical solutions. About the choice of the deck solutions, the design took in consideration a cost / benefit analysis, taking in account the local constraints which have suggested the use of metal decks in the case of viaducts at Km 0 + 579 and km 14 + 300, also with the scope to reduce the number of the spans.