S.S. 212 “VAL FORTORA” – MODERNIZATION S.S. 212 / S.S. 369


Anas S.p.A.





The project consists of modernizing a part of the connection between the Pietralcina crossroads to San Bartolomeo in Galdo, with a focus on S.S. 212 "della Valle del Fortore" and S.S 369 "Appuro Fortorina". The main issues connected with the conditions of transit along Benveneto city, and the Fortore areas up to highway nr. 17 in the Foggia Provence determined the professionals to consider analyzing a secondary back-way. The objectives of the new infrastructure, besides that of obtaining a viable flux for the current traffic, of having the adequate safety conditions and the need for a line that can guarantee the traffic even if it happens to snow abundantly, are the followings: 1)To guarantee a fast link between San Bartolomeo in Galdo and the capital of the province for sanitary emergencies. 2)To offer Fortore's population the option to develop through new production centers, sustained by the linking infrastructures; 3)In the programming phase of the viability restructuring with regional character, to guarantee a crossway between the Adriatic Sea and the Tirenian Sea; 4)As regards the touristic development, to create an adequate infrastructure for the link between Pietrelcina (the city of The Holly Father Pio) and San Giovanni Rotondo. Details for execution project was based on the topographic surveys and drawings from the original project, leaving unaltered the cross sections and the axis position; this way, the rehabilitation work has answered to some fundamental requirements of the working site. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE WORK The entire project was divided in 3 lots, separated because of the amplitude of the works that are to be done. LOT no 1 From the Pietrelcina intersection to the intersection from Pesco Sanita Station -Length: 7.128 ml -Major works: three viaducts of 420 ml, a tunnel of 960 ml, thirteen bridges and overpass and four steel culverts; -The cost of the work: 88.668.400.000 Euro -Estimated time for the finalization of works: 730 days LOT no 2 From the Pesco Sannita intersection to the Bivio Reino intersection (25+300 km on S.S. 212) -Length: 6.347 ml; -Major works: six viaducts of a total 2.214 ml, three tunnels of 1.908ml, an overpass and two culverts; -Work cost: 137.420.800.000 Euro -Estimated time for the finalization of the works: 1.095 days LOT no 3 From the Bivio Reino crossroads to the San Marco dei Cavoti intersection (S.S. 369) -Length: 3.765 ml; -Major works: one viaduct with a total of 180 ml, a 483 ml tunnel, four bridges and one overpass and a steel culvert; -The cost of the works: 56.407.200.000 Euro -Estimated time: 730 days