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The project represents a functional part, identified within the final project as Lot 1 of the larger project of the Altamura-Matera body that includes the line S.S.n. 96 along the Altamura belt and only partially S.S.n. 99 which extends from Altamura along the Matrea habitat. The entire intervention intends to recover the efficiency of the roadway in relation with the traffic fluidity, as well as with the connection with the territory margins of the work. The importance of this artery must be looked for in the fact that it crosses highly urbanized, demographically developed and with a lot of commercial activities territories. Details for execution project follows the initial project consisting in the engineering of all the works, in accordance with the norms from art. 35 of DPR nr.554 from 21/12/1999, it covers the entire work from road elements, structural or installation point of view. The intervention consists in adapting to section III CNR (in the official bulletin of CNR 28/07/1980) the street body from km 85+000 (starting point of Altamura belt) to S.S. 96 to km 81+300 (connection with S.S. 99). The street body falls under the system of a large viability of connection Bari - Matera, near the habitat of Altamura County. The project stipulates the linking the S.S. 96 "Barese" - Altamura belt to the S.S. 99 "Matera", so that there would be a direct connection between the two highways. In the project, besides the reevaluation of the street section, another plan is to reorganize four intersections, a rotary, other minor works such as culverts, retaining walls and parapets. The intervention stipulates finally the complete revision of the issues concerning street safety, hydrology and the functional street furniture of the entire line in question.