Comune di Napoli




Montesanto cable railway, connecting Montesanto to Corso V. Emanuele and Morghen Street, Vomero neighbourhood, has the two main stations in Montesanto and in Morghen Street and a middle station in Corso V. Emanuele. This is one of the four cable railway lines, which, in the town of Napoli, represents the ideal solution for making the connection between the lower part of the town and the hills. Along the cable railway path, above the Raffaello street, out of technological reasons (regarding the mechanical means and the track geometry), one of the two convoys makes a stop without allowing the passengers to get off, while the other one stops in Vittorio Emanuele station, allowing passenger flow. The city of Naples, due to the intense tourist activity to the San Martino museum and the S. Elmo Castle, has decided to set up a new station connected to the before mentioned technical stop. The project implies the use of that technical stop, by creating a link through a gallery, a well (vertical link) and a station building to the indicated museum area. The station building located in Tito Angelini Street has three levels. It will be placed on the premises of the present ruin building, re-establishing the exterior space occupied, concerning with board supervision and will have two underground levels, spreading below the street-level, area where the elevator well is placed. The purposes are the following: - Ground floor: station entrance and terrace with a view. - First floor: services and technical area - Second floor: spinning door (elevator access and restricting access with card machines) and access to the technical area. The project includes the demolition of the existing building wing and relocating it in the pre-existing location of the new station, in compliance with the clinometric regulation in force. The connection well between the surface station building and the passage way to the underground technical area has a total length of approximately 60m. The before mentioned well has been designed to have the emergency exits at the middle levels. The passage way between the well and the platform, with an approximate length of 80m is the last passage way between the station and the railway. Project features: Number of the levels of the building: one exterior level and two underground levels. Building total surface: 1.290 square meters. Building type: reinforced concrete building Well depth: 60 m Well diameter: 12 m Number of elevators in the well: 4 Passage way length: 60 m Passage way diameter: 7 m Passage way inclination angle: 8% Passage way drilling method: traditional